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Class Description

Our classes cover 3 main categories of Signature classes, Les Mills classes and Freestyle classes. These provide a full range of workout catering to multiple levels of fitness and ages.

Signature Classes

Embrace Fitness Signature classes are our unique brand of classes, with a special focus establishing strong fundamentals of exercise. Through fun and educational activities, these programs are designed to challenge participants while improving their functioning in daily activities.

This is our signature foundation class for participants who are just starting out their fitness journey. It includes basic coordination, strength and cardio training to help participants to reach a stage that they will be able to attend other classes confidently.

EmFunction uses resistance bands to tone and shape the body, and focuses on 5 key basic functional movements of bend & lift, pushing, pulling, single leg and rational movements.

EmForm is a non-contact class that uses basic muscle strengthening, myofascial release, PNF techniques, passive stretches & yoga flows. This is a "must-not-miss" class for those who are interested in pain management and postural correction.

EmFit consists of 30 mins of high intensity interval training and 15 mins of stretching. This class is not suitable for students with high blood pressure and pre-existing heart conditions.

Freestyle Classes

Through our curated variety of freestyle programs, we provide participants with a refreshing fitness experience while harnessing the social benefits of group exercise.

Through the use of various yoga asanas & mindful breathing techniques, Hatha Yoga creates a blissful and calming environment that will help participants improve their flexibility and core strength.

Yin Yoga is a more meditative slow-paced form of yoga that focuses on self-awareness and helps to tune into the inner silence of the body. Practitioners may stay in one asana pose for five minutes or more.

CardioDance is a hybrid of cardio exercise & dance choreography, creating a heart-pumping workout. Participants with high blood pressure, asthma & heart conditions, will need to seek doctor's advice.

Relaxation (Mindfulness) is scientifically proven to manage stress and combat anxiety and depression. Sessions are non-religious and suitable for individuals of all races, religion and age.

Les Mills Classes

First started as a small gym by a four-time New Zealand Olympian in 1968, Les Mills is now the world's largest choreographed music to exercise company. 50 years on, the company continues to deliver world-leading programs that help participants fall in love with fitness.

A combination of Taichi, Yoga and Pilates with modern pop music, BodyBalance aims to bring a stress-free experience while building flexibility, core strength and balance.

This non-contact martial-arts inspired workout that helps weight loss & heart health. There are no complex moves to master. Release stress, have a blast & feel like a champ!

From hip-hop to house to contemporary, BodyJam upgrades your dance routine with this challenging non-stop sequence of pure movement ecstasy.

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